We are an Indie Game Development Studio comprised of a sleuth of programmers and artists from Canada. Our flagship game is Univursa, a bears in space RPG.

Forest Bear Studios

Indie Game and Media Development Studio

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Jordan Tymburski


Shadow master of perception, human sundial, chronic tardiness. If he told you his life story, odds are he made it up on the spot.


Jesze Kaszas

Creative Director

Champion of doodles, lives off mints, born in the wrong century. Rumoured to be a co-founder. He has probably never closed a tab.


Michael Van Ryn

Chief Technology Officer

Programmer by day, tradesman by night, philosopher all day long. He conquers worlds in his spare time. He would probably tap that for mana.


Jeff Van Ryn

Environment Architect

Creates something from nothing, pixel pusher, knows his way around the internet. Wait... what are we doing for supper?


Yukiya Nagahama

Chief Communications Officer

Motion picture frame assembler, sleeps eighteen hours a day, four feet of fun. He has a hard time finishing things thr...


Forest Bear Studios

We are a game and media development studio run by a team of digital connoisseurs working to shine light into the corporate abyss of gaming. We operate with an emphasis on ingenuity and quality with a side note of shenanigans. We find puns unbearable.

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